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Personal Effects and Your Will

‘Personal effects’ are your belongings. These items will come up in discussions such as ‘who gets Mum’s recipe book?’ or ‘I want Dad’s grandfather clock.’ Thelma (better known as ‘Mum’ by my sister Louise and I) had very strong views as to who should receive her... Read More

Q&A: Wills and Powers of Attorney in the era of COVID-19

Here we answer some of your questions about signing and witnessing requirements for your Wills and Powers of Attorney in the era of COVID-19 as well as possible protections to include in your Wills. Please note this information was prepared in relation to signing... Read More

Brian talks Wills on ABC Radio Canberra

Our very own Brian Tetlow was a guest presenter for 10 weeks on ABC Radio Canberra’s ‘Afternoons with Paula Kruger’. Below are the first 5 weeks with Brian talking about everything Wills! For Brian’s discussions regarding Enduring Powers of... Read More

Why would I want a Testamentary Trust Will?

There are many reasons why someone may wish to set up fixed or discretionary trusts in their Wills. It may be as a tax-minimisation strategy, as an asset protection strategy in the event of bankruptcy or family law proceedings involving a beneficiary or to protect a... Read More

Your ‘Executor’s Dossier’

What it is and Why it Matters An executor’s dossier is a document we give to clients when they update their Wills. It includes a list of questions about the assets you hold, to be regularly updated as those assets change. Keeping an up to date executor’s... Read More