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Superannuation and Your Estate: Frequently Asked Questions

Note: this article deals only with standard industry and retail superannuation funds. For detailed discussion of Self Managed Superannuation Funds, click here for our other articles. Does superannuation form part of your estate? Generally, superannuation does not form... Read More

Entry into Aged Care

What do you do when your health is declining and you are unable to perform all of the daily tasks you have so competently been undertaking for many decades? At some stage most of us, or our loved ones, will face declining health and frailty where independent living is... Read More

Self Managed Super Funds – Buying a property in an SMF

Self Managed Super Funds – Buying a property in an SMF Buying a property in an SMF Since 2007, self managed super funds (SMSF) have been permitted to borrow money to invest in all types of real property including residential property, commercial property and... Read More