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Our very own Brian Tetlow was a guest presenter on ABC Radio Canberra ‘Afternoons with Paula Kruger’.

Below are four sessions where Brian goes through the key points regarding your Enduring Power of Attorney.

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Week 6 – Introduction to Enduring Powers of Attorney

Here Brian gives an overview of Enduring Powers of Attorney – what they are, who you can appoint as your attorney and more!

Week 7 – Giving Financial Powers to Your Attorney

One of the powers you are able to give to your attorneys is the power to manage your financial affairs. Brian discusses which financial powers you are able to give as well as restrictions you can put in place on this power.

Week 8 – Giving Personal and Medical Powers to Your Attorney

Brian discusses two major powers you can give in your Enduring Power of Attorney – the power to allow someone else to make medical decisions on your behalf and the power to make personal decisions such as where you live.

Week 9 – What if You Are Appointed an Attorney?

What do you do if you’ve been appointed an attorney? Whose name would you sign on documents? What decisions can you make? This is an important listen for anyone who has been appointed an attorney.

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