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It would be helpful if an executor of a deceased estate could bring the following items to their first meeting with us:-

  • The original death certificate. (We can prepare certified copies.)
  • The original Will or its known whereabouts. If probate is being applied for we will need to present the original Will to the Supreme Court. (If you don’t have the original bring a photocopy of the Will.)
  • Identification documents for each of the executors, being Passport, Driver’s Licence and Medicare card. (If you do not have all three of these documents, there may be alternates that are acceptable. We can advise you at the meeting.)

In relation to the financial affairs of the deceased it would help if you could bring along the following in relation to assets solely in the name of the deceased or jointly held by the deceased with another person or persons:-

  • The latest statements from financial institutions.
  • The latest dividend statements for shareholdings or a copy of any holding statement.
  • The original or copies of any Certificates of Title for properties owned by the deceased (alternatively if you don’t have this, copies of the latest rates notices).
  • A copy of the latest registration papers for any car, trailer, caravan, etc.
  • Details of the personal property, eg. motor vehicles, jewellery, paintings etc.
  • Details of superannuation or pension payments (copies of latest statements).
  • Copies of life insurance policies or the latest renewal notice.
  • Details of any debts or liabilities of the deceased.

Generally, if in doubt bring it in, we can advise you on what we will need.