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Surcharge Taxes and Trusts Which Own Real Property

This article is relevant to you if: You have a Discretionary Trust which currently holds residential property in NSW, or which may own land in the future; orYou either currently have a Testamentary Trust Will or are contemplating having a Testamentary Trust Will in... Read More

Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan

My children laugh about my “online” presence. Whilst I have Facebook and Instagram accounts I rarely use them and I have not dipped my toe into Twitter. But I have a substantial photo library backed up to the cloud which archives photos taken by various members of the... Read More

Personal Effects and Your Will

‘Personal effects’ are your belongings. These items will come up in discussions such as ‘who gets Mum’s recipe book?’ or ‘I want Dad’s grandfather clock.’ Thelma (better known as ‘Mum’ by my sister Louise and I) had very strong views as to who should receive her... Read More

Commercial Rent Relief & COVID-19

On 12 May 2020, the Leases (Commercial and Retail) COVID-19 Emergency Response Declaration 2020 came into effect in the ACT. This instrument gives legislative effect to the Mandatory Code of Conduct previously announced by National Cabinet. It applies to leases... Read More