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Q&A: Wills and Powers of Attorney in the era of COVID-19

Here we answer some of your questions about signing and witnessing requirements for your Wills and Powers of Attorney in the era of COVID-19 as well as possible protections to include in your Wills. Please note this information was prepared in relation to signing... Read More

COVID-19 Update

Tetlow Legal is operational and continuing to assist our clients We are currently conducting appointments both in person and via teleconference or video conference. Our staff can provide assistance for you to join a telephone or video conference if you are having... Read More

End of Life Decision Making: Your Advance Care Planning

Most of us want our next of kin to be well aware of our wishes if we are terminally ill, especially if we are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for ourselves. The procedures of Advance Care Planning are slightly different in the ACT compared to NSW. This... Read More

Market Rent Review For Commercial Leases

In most commercial leases, rent will be increased yearly as part of a ‘Rent Review’. A Market Rent Review is one method of calculating this increase. For Landlords and Tenants alike, rent reviews are an important consideration in negotiating the initial terms of a... Read More

Exercising an Option on a Lease

What is an Option? Standard in many commercial leases, an ‘Option’ is a clause in the lease agreement which grants the tenant the ability to renew the tenancy for an additional term or terms. Ordinarily the lease will include certain restrictions on when... Read More

Changes to Land Tax for ACT Residential Properties

Changes to Land Tax for ACT Residential Properties Substantial changes to the ACT land tax system for residential properties came into effect on 1 July 2018. As the one-year anniversary approaches, we look at how these changes may impact ACT property owners in... Read More

What a Shareholders Agreement can do for you

Shareholders Agreements can be vital for your business. In this article we discuss what they are and what they can do for you. Our topical case study William, Kate, Harry and Meghan have a very successful company that makes and distributes royal crockery called Young... Read More